Your Current Position:  Human Resources
  • New energy application engineer (1 person)

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for technical support and technical docking, including the technical docking of suppliers and oems;

    2. Responsible for the signing of product technical agreement;

    3. Responsible for the follow-up and implementation of technical index requirements and technical adjustment tasks put forward by the main engine plant;

    4. Compile and maintain relevant order docking information table data, and participate in the technical review of order status;

    5. Assist to follow up the pilot test, identification, supporting, sales, production, on-site technical support, after-sales technical support and other related technical support work of the ordered products;

    6. Responsible for the tracking and implementation of relevant data after the adjustment of product technical status;

    7. Actively assist the superior in technical and management work;

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering, power electronics, electronic information, automobile engineering, etc.At least 1-2 years experience in new energy product application docking;

    3. Familiar with the construction principle of the new energy system for passenger cars and able to design and make wiring harness drawings for high and low voltage of the new energy system; familiar with the use of WORD, EXCEL, CAD and other relevant software;

    4. Familiar with CAN network communication knowledge for vehicle;

    5. Familiar with automobile structure, automobile principle and relevant industry standards;

    6. The strong team player is preferred;

    7. Serious in work, good team spirit, strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of obedience, meticulous in work.

  • Automotive electronics engineer (1 person)

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for product hardware development, device selection and identification, circuit design;

    2. Responsible for PCB debugging, prototype testing, and related documentation;

    3. Responsible for testing the functional performance of product platforms and real vehicles, writing test specifications and confirming test reports;

    4. Familiar with ISO 26262-based functional safety workflow and relevant product development and design experience;


    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in power electronics, automation, communication, electronic information, etc.

    At least 2 years experience in automotive electronics development, proficient in reading English technical documents;

    3. Good communication skills and professional quality, strong sense of responsibility, proactive and good teamwork;

  • Hardware development engineer of motor controller (2 persons)

    1. Job responsibilities:

    1) responsible for the hardware design of electric vehicle motor controller, including system hardware scheme design, main circuit design, schematic diagram and PCB design;

    2) responsible for various tests and protection function verification of hardware circuit;

    3) responsible for hardware debugging, testing, problem analysis and solution, and production follow-up;

    4) compile relevant technical data, such as test standards, functional specifications and technical conditions;

    5) assist the software engineer to complete the development of the motor controller;

    6) earnest in work, good team spirit, strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of obedience;

    2. Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in motor control, power electronics, electronic information, etc.

    At least 2-3 years experience in hardware development of vehicle motor controller;

    3. Familiar with the characteristics and control methods of permanent magnet synchronous motor;

    4. Familiar with inverter and switching power supply topology and control system;

    5. Familiar with the design and application of modular circuit; proficient in the use of Orcad, PADS, Protel, Cadence and other design software for product development;

    6. Familiar with IGBT, MOSFET drive circuit design, with experience in MCU hardware and software development such as infineon, freescale, TI or Microchip is preferred;

    7. The strong team player is preferred;

  • Electrical design engineer (1 person)

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Prepare and check the motor design drawings: according to the motor electromagnetic design scheme, prepare and check the technical drawings related to the electromagnetic scheme, and file the documents.

    2. Electromagnetic scheme simulation design of platform products: based on the company's existing platform products, the electromagnetic scheme design of the motor was carried out, and the electromagnetic scheme was analyzed by using electromagnetic field finite element simulation software, and the electromagnetic scheme design report was submitted.

    3. Compile the motor test specification: according to the national standard and customer demand, compile the motor factory test specification, DV test outline and PV test outline.

    4. Review of motor technical scheme: participate in the review of electromagnetic design scheme in motor technical review, and complete the review report of motor electromagnetic design scheme.

    5. Motor performance test: participated in motor performance test, summarized test data and completed motor test report.


    1. Master degree or above;

    2. Major in electrical machinery, electrical appliances and electrical automation, more than two years of working experience in electromagnetic analysis of electrical machinery, experience in development of vehicle driving motor is preferred;

    3. Familiar with the principle of electric motor electromagnetic field and electric motor design, solid theoretical foundation;

    4. Proficient in using electromagnetic simulation software of motor (ANSYS maxwell);

    5. Good command of spoken and written English;

    6. Understand the development process of vehicle and power system, understand the power system architecture of new energy vehicle;

    7. Take initiative in work and be brave in undertaking;

    8. Good teamwork spirit, rigorous logical thinking and efficient communication skills.

  • Field technical support (FAE) (3 persons)

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for relevant data recording, fault analysis and processing in the process of vehicle on-site production and commissioning;

    2. Responsible for the coordination of personnel from all departments of the vehicle factory during vehicle commissioning;

    3. Responsible for recording the statistics of order fault handling and daily summary;

    4. Assisted software and hardware engineers in strategy and function optimization and verification, and mechanical structure engineers in product optimization and verification;

    5. Responsible for software engineer, batch update of product software after optimization;

    6. Responsible for the handover and explanation of the materials with the after-sales personnel after the production of the orders.


    1 college degree or above, major in electrical engineering, power electronics, electronic information, automobile engineering, etc.

    At least 1-2 years experience in field technical support, experience in bus field technical support is preferred;

    3. Familiar with the construction principle of new energy bus system and understand the wiring harness drawings of high and low pressure buses;

    4. Knowledge of electronic circuit and vehicle CAN network communication;

    5. Master CAN diagnosis and analysis software, CAN analyze and deal with on-site faults, and put forward feasible Suggestions for product improvement and optimization;

    Be familiar with the basic theory of automobile

    7. The strong team player is preferred;

    8. Serious in work, good team spirit, strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of obedience;

    9. Strong interpersonal skills, good problem solving skills and meticulous work.

  • New energy after-sales service engineer (4 persons)

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Daily visit to customers and keep close contact and communication with them

    2. Tracked and dealt with special problems, made on-site decisions, proposed timely solutions, solved problems quickly and effectively, resolved conflicts, and improved customer satisfaction.

    3. Assisted in production line debugging and production line problem handling; Track production line and solve the problems left by production line;

    4. Car delivery service: new car registration, new car training, new car launch tracking, new car resume establishment.

    5. New energy training: conduct targeted training for customers (operation, maintenance, driver) and service stations, collect, compile and revise training materials;

    6. Coordinate relevant resources to provide on-site after-sales service, and provide vehicle support and repair services;

    7. Warranty settlement and claim management: service station warranty and maintenance expense settlement; Claim settlement of supplier's product and service fees; Spare parts allocation and sales settlement; Internal and external claims management, man-hour review, according to different levels of authority to examine and approve claims;

    8. Accepted customer complaints, opinions and Suggestions, effectively communicated with customers, adjusted disputes between the company and customers, and maintained customer relations;

    9. Docking with the main engine plant and supporting plant, handling the MQI report;

    10. Service and parts network establishment, contract signing, management and assessment of special service stations;

    Job requirements:

    1. College degree or above, more than 2 years working experience in automobile main engine plant or parts plant (new energy system is preferred), major in electrical engineering, vehicle engineering, mechanical and electronic engineering is preferred;

    2. Understand (new energy) automobile products and related parts, understand (new energy) automobile structure and basic principles and production process;

    3. Logical analysis ability; Strong communication and coordination ability and decision-making judgment;

  • Low-level software development engineer (1 person)

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for writing the design documents of the underlying software development requirements;

    2. Responsible for the control of software architecture and software version, as well as the compilation of flow charts, functional specifications and other documents;

    3. Responsible for low-level software driving, communication, diagnosis, network management, Bootloader software writing, etc.

    4. Familiar with automobile CAN bus communication protocol, UDS diagnosis protocol and CCP calibration protocol;

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, communication, electronic information, etc., proficient in reading English technical documents;

    At least 2 years of C language development experience, familiar with NXP, infineon and other mainstream automotive chip driver developers are preferred;

    3. Good communication skills and professional quality, strong sense of responsibility, proactive and good teamwork;

  • Vehicle control strategy engineer (1 person)

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the formulation of vehicle power system control strategy;

    2. Responsible for commissioning and matching of the vehicle's dynamic performance, economic performance and smoothness;

    3. Responsible for demand analysis of vehicle control system, interpretation of relevant standards, formulation of test specifications and test outline;

    4. Master the vehicle control principle, and have the ability to use Matlab\Simulink for software development.


    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in vehicle engineering, electronic information, etc.

    At least 2 years working experience in automotive electronics industry, proficient in reading English technical documents;

    3. Have a certain understanding of new energy vehicles, engine, gearbox, motor, battery and other power systems;

    4. With driving license, preferred, good communication skills and logical thinking, active in work.

  • Structural simulation engineer of motor NVH (1 person)

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the principle analysis of electromagnetic vibration, mechanical vibration and order noise of the driving motor of new energy vehicles, and issue an analysis report for the common and characteristic problems;

    2. Responsible for the NVH prediction analysis and noise reduction scheme in the early stage of driving motor development;

    3. Responsible for the establishment and continuous improvement of the NVH target value of the existing prototype and the drive motor products in batch production;

    4. Responsible for analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of different types of motor NVH from the mechanism of motor vibration and noise and the improvement scheme.

    5. Participated in the NVH analysis of the driving motor of the model of competitive products, and issued the theoretical analysis report;

    6. Participate in the technical accumulation and capacity building related to motor NVH in the department.

    7. Responsible for CAE simulation of structural strength of motor system and related parts and assemblies;

    8. Responsible for fatigue analysis of motor system and related parts and assembly;

    9. Check the rigidity of motor system and related parts and assembly; Modal frequency analysis of motor system; To prepare the audit analysis report;


    1. Familiar with the harmonic calculation, electromagnetic vibration analysis and corresponding NVH order calculation methods of permanent magnet synchronous motor, asynchronous motor and electro-excited synchronous motor;

    2. Be familiar with the micro-vibration mechanism of the motor, and understand the corresponding relationship between electromagnetic force, vibration and noise in principle and the calculation and derivation method;

    3. Understand the methods of theoretical analysis and practical testing of motor modes, and understand how to avoid resonance problems from a design perspective;

    4. Have the ability to effectively rectify the motor noise of the existing products in terms of ontology design;

    5. Have the ability to accurately predict the noise levels that may be generated by different motors in the motor design stage, and have effective avoidance measures;

    6. Major in electrical machinery, and papers related to NVH of new energy driven motor are preferred.

    7. Successful cases of NVH improvement of new energy motor are preferred;

    8. Proficient in the application of Ims test.lab, ANSYS and other analytical software, and familiar with electromagnetic, mechanical and noise joint simulation is preferred.

  • Motor r&d supervisor (1 person)

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Tracked the development trend of electric vehicle application motor technology, and made the company's product medium - and long-term technology development line adapt to the international technology development trend;

    2. According to the market demand, formed the motor product positioning analysis, and put forward clear positioning Suggestions and schemes;

    3. Responsible for the department management and technical review, including the strategy formulation and implementation of the department in terms of organization, process, talent, technology and project support; Coordinate and communicate cross-departmental resources to promote product development, testing, acceptance and release. Specifically, it includes:

    1) process construction: responsible for the formulation and optimization of the r&d process related to motor design, and the control of key nodes of the project;

    2) personnel construction: personnel echelon construction shall be carried out by means of talent recruitment and internal training;

    3) capacity building: responsible for the formulation and implementation of relevant business and technical plans of the team;

    4) project support: responsible for undertaking the company's project research and development tasks, monitoring and coordinating the project progress, and participating in the relevant business technical review.


    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering or electrical engineering, more than 3 years working experience in the electrical industry;

    2. Familiar with the basic working principle and performance indicators of the motor, familiar with the common technical requirements and standards of the motor;

    3. Master the design of mechanical structural parts and motor parts, and be familiar with the process of motor structure;

    4. Good English in listening, speaking, reading and writing;

    5. Have strong self-learning ability and practical ability, can bear hardships and stand hard work, and have good teamwork spirit and professional dedication.